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Life Coaching Tips - How you can Achieve Congruence

Consistency implies similar patterns of behavior. The behaviour, and therefore the end result, may be right or wrong, bad or good, helpful or destructive; with consistent behavior there's no requirement of introspection or consideration. Thrive Life coaching

Congruence on the other hand demands personal reflection and thoughtful deliberation. Based on the Latin verb 'congruere' meaning 'to meet' or 'to agree', congruence is the point at which your values and beliefs align together with your actions and thoughts.

Our work environments are wonderful samples of consistent, though not necessarily congruent, behavior. Perform what we should are told and we keep doing exactly the same things over and again without considering why. Basically we put ourselves hands free. To be truly satisfied however, we should operate from your place of congruency; knowing we have been being in keeping with ourselves.

To be congruent, who you are, what you say, and just what you need to do are harmonious and unified.

In a deeper level, personal congruency exists when your true desires (intention), thoughts (attention), feelings, and actions are aligned with your core values. Then you can move toward balance in your own life and experience more joy, fulfillment, and peace. Congruence is about honoring the deeper truth inside you.

Whenever you find your heart and mind taken in different directions, or when your actions belie your ideas, the body begins to suffer the results of incongruence. Stress, inner turmoil and disease thrive when congruence is threatened.

To accomplish your objectives, to maneuver your lifetime in the positive direction, and to reach personal satisfaction, your thoughts, feelings, values, and actions should be unified. Your ideas are really powerful as they support the answer to realizing your desires. If you let disparity enter your brain, your ideas lose their collective power leaving you disquieted, conflicted, and anxious.

Clearly congruence is essential. Achieving it starts with deep reflection within the following ways:

Become Tuned in to Your Intentions.
Your time in everyday life is directed because of your intentions, which often make the reality you have. When you have conflicting intentions, you experience conflicting thoughts; it makes sense stress and anxiety. Thrive Life

Produce a Conscious Intention To alter.
Every want to change begins with the intention to take action. Setting your intent is extremely distinct from just wishing or wanting something. Notice the profound difference between, "I want to change this", and "I want to change this."

Pay Attention To Your Most Dominant Thoughts.
The framework of your thoughts is revealed using your internal dialogue. You can dramatically change the quality you will ever have whenever you develop inner voices that serve, support, and therefore are congruent together with your true intentions. To ascertain whether your inner thoughts are supporting you or limiting you, consider: "Would I believe that the identical words with a friend, member of the family or even a colleague who needs my support?" Or even, then stop saying these phones yourself.

Speak to Your system
The truth is often present in your feelings physically. Those knots and butterflies inside your stomach, your feelings of discomfort or unease, your gut feelings; these are all indications of incongruence. If you are undecided about the most effective path, take note of your feelings and just what your heart is letting you know to complete. The answers you discover inside yourself is going to be insightful, truthful, and liberating.

To begin your self on the direction to congruence today, start with wondering these life coaching questions:

o As to what aspects of my well being shall we be held not congruent?
o Where will i experience stress or inner conflict?
o When shall we be held not in keeping with myself?
o What's missing in my life?
o What values are we violating?
o What would I enjoy convey more of within my life?
o Exactly what do I must forget about to obtain them?

Your responses sets your self-discovery within the right direction. It's up to you to make the choice between consistency and congruence. When you're ready to choose congruence, the disparate pieces of your lifetime can come together harmoniously, allowing the perfect foundation so that you can develop and flourish.

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